We are stardust, we are golden.
We are half a billion year old carbon,
And we got to get ourselves back to the garden....

Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young 1969

If you have any contact info. on the people listed below, please forward to Steve Lewis at  Thanks

Abernathy   Mike No info      
Adams   Bill No info      
Apostolu   Lynn Found 561 Oconee Springs RD  Eatonton, GA 31024 706.485.1245  
Arnott   Charline Patrice No info      
Avella   William No info      
Barrentine   Judi Faye No info      
Beckett Belles Kevin No info      
Bell Armstrong Debbie No info      
Black   Michael Anthony No info      
Bloom   Ron     415.247.8608
Brown Mcgeorge Cindy     770.971.7368  
Campbell   Lee No info Forever…      
Cassidy   Danny     770.921.2644  
Dawson   Eva Nell No info      
Entell   Pete      
Farrah   Diane Sue No info      
Floyd Seabrooks Maureen     770.923.9543  
Freeman   Jeff     770.565.2374?  
Fuller Cordle Angela Carol No info      
Gartner Lefkove Felice     404-634-8282  
Gillis   Judith Ann No info      
Hale   Robin Dee No info      
Harrell   Martha Ellen No info      
Hellyer Lee Donna No info      
Helmers   Kristine No info      
Howard Bogatry Helen Ann No info      
Jorgensen   Karen     770.922.2322  
Karras   Andy     404.872.8148  
Lipsius   Jack        
Livingstain Alterman Marcia No Info      
Lymburner   James Alrich No info Forever…      
Martin   Sally Lorena No info      
Maxey   Don No InfoFound Found      
McAuliffe Ellis Claire     770.263.0712  
Mcguire Mooney Jan     615.332.5751  
Mckinney   Vickie Ann No info      
Mclendon Bruce Diane     615.325.7005  
Mcmahon   James Lloyd Deceased      
Medley   Michael     503.632.4067  
Miles   Marilee No info      
Montgomery   Monty "Monty"  Found      
Moye   Earl Vinson NO INFO  Found      
Nevels   Richard Arnold No info Found      
Nolan   Kathy Found   540.982.6933  
Osborn   Nancy Joy No info      
Pierce    Shere No info      
Plutchok   Emily Miriam No info      
Richards   Audrey Diane     203-777-2817  
Rogers Winters Debra     678-377-8274 770-674-4480
Stracener   Paul     706.769.9216  
Strauss   Larry No info      
Strueber   Jean Marie No info      
Vail   Lise Frances No info      
Wall   Jim     404-633-5073