October 23, 2021
11 months and 27 days left
until our reunion.
These were times that included a 22 year old in blue jeans and tennis shoes singing softly to America



New Information 10/26/2020

REUNION - October 23, 2021


Barons - Class of 1970


Thanks to all those people who participated in the Virtual mini reunion via zoom. The reviews were excellent and perhaps more of them can be done.  
Steve Lewis- 10/26/2020

REUNION - October 23, 2021
Barons - Class of 1970
As you know, our rescheduled reunion was moved to September 2020. Given the current realities about the likelihood of persons of our age being allowed to gather in a large group in close quarters by that time and the fact that it is unlikely that a vaccine would be available by then, the reunion committee has decided to reschedule the reunion one more time. The new date for our reunion is October 23, 2021. It will still be held at the Emory Conference Center and the cost remains unchanged. 
While I am certain that some of you may question the need to make this decision now, particularly in light of the fact that even now we are beginning to lose members of our class, but the fact is that dates in 2021 are already being booked and we were concerned that if we waited any longer, we would end up being forced to choose a date which would make it even more difficult if not impossible for many alumni to attend. We also wanted to pick a date which is far enough in advance that there would be a much greater chance that we would not all be required to wear masks to the event.
In the meantime the (near) monthly updates will continue and we will keep you advised as new information becomes available. We hope and pray that everyone of you remain COVID free and will be able to attend. If you have any questions or comments (other than hate mail) please contact me or another committee member.
Richard Lee
May 12, 2020
Special kudos go out to Richard from the committee  for continuing to volunteer his time as Chairman...a job he continues to do well!




Click link above, navagate past annoying commercials, and enjoy a small clip on why you will enjoy the reunion of the Class of 1970

Bottom row, left to right-- Debbie Goodwin, Cindy Shields, Linda Pullen, Kay Cole
Row 2- Patsy Wheeler, Mary Lewis, Barbara Steinhaus
Row 3- Shelly Calhoun, Cheryl Miller, Carol Davis, Sherry Eisenberg
Row 4- Bonnie Carl, Connie Myers, Marilyn Landers, Esther Palatski
Row 5- Rochelle Verner, Cheryl Holmes, Rose White
Row 6- Melody Bell, Ilene Weinberg, Elise King, Judy Steiner
Row 7- Joyce McDonald, Jackie Fleeman, Susan Camp, Malinda Mason, Kathy Owens
Row 8- Cindy Roberts, Connie Crowe, Donna Zelack
Row 9- JoEllen Guilian, Cheryl Adams, Miriam Benatar, Roma Davis
Row 10- Susan Haley, Betty Beldsoe, Susan Vining, Marie Storer
Row 11- Anna Zamoscinski, Becky Anderson, Lisa Zwecker, Martha Allen
Row 12- Debbie Bregman, Barbara Herschberg, Cathy Perry, Terry Prince, Cheryl Lincoln
Top-- Nancy Baumgarten

Please send any corrections or mis-identifications to CONTACT US.....
Please send any corrections or mis-identifications to CONTACT US.....

Left to right starting at the bottom row----
Row 1-Chuck Ostrander, Steve Lewis, Ron Ferrazzuolo, Tom Chaffin
Row 2- Freddy Rich, Don King, Dennis Degan, William Greer
Row 3- Harry Petrides, Ronald King, Jeff Kaufman, Stan Muse
Row 4- Gary Godlewski, Marvin Price Bill Ralston, John Dubac
Row 5- Nick Moriatakis,Barry Shemariua, David Christopher
Row 6- Gordy Taylor, Charles Adams, Bobby Levy, Bruce Teper, Randy Galanti, Larry Kaplan
Row 7- Randy Piggott, David Mickle
Row 8- Gifford Berry, Stuart Graetz, jimmy Turner Scott Eisenberg
Row 9- Phil Sealy, Bud Manbeck, Paul Varner, Steve DeBardelaben
Row 10- Bill Hughes, Tommy Carter, Tommy Archibald, Ray Noonan, Jeff Madill
Very top row-- Richard Lee, David Ruben, Mike Vlass, John Pine, Johnny Zamoscinski (behind J. Pine), Ronnie Adamson (in front of J. Pine), T-Bone Stanelle, Kenny Herring (white shirt), Reggie House

Class Pictures are Here!

The class pictures are here! You can double click on them for a better view. Please help me out if I have mislabeled, misidentified, or put a "?" where your name should be. Hey, it has been a long time!! E-mail corrections to slewis1952@aol.com It was a great weekend and we will do certainly do it again. Enjoy!

The Incredible Blog has new items including notes from teachers!! Also, we would appreciate your feedback about the reunion. What did you like and how can we improve? We value your opinions!

Go to Photo Albums- Reunion and II. Some aren't labeled yet and I will be editing them in the near future, but enjoy and see who you can I.D. Also go to I HAVE KNOWN YOU SINCE.. and PICTURES OF FRIENDS AND FUN for new additions. There are now over 175 reunion photos online.
To copy a particular photo, click the photo with your left mouse key. When the picture pops up again, click on the new picture with your right mouse button to save, e-mail, or print.

The Scroll is now on-line.. Go to the page labeled (what else?) Briarlcliff Scroll and follow directions (harder for some rather than others).
All Scrolls from 1969-1970 that will open a floodgate of memories!! Thanks to Dennis Degan for this wonderful addition!!!!

September, 2019


Flash-- Briarcliff Class of 1970 member has a great idea!!
Flash-- Briarcliff Class of 1970 member has a great idea!!

Send us a youtube, pictures, facebook link, etc and we will gladly post it on a special page for the world to see! If you have pictures, send them to the PHOTO ALBUMS section of the web site. All else, send them to the e-mail address below with any necessary instructions and we will be happy to include you. This is a celebration of our class and everyone is  still a valued part of it.

Somehow things never seem to change!
Somehow things never seem to change!

Graduation date, June 6, 1970. To see pictures of the big day, go to PHOTO ALBUM page


Hall leading past library to D-Hall and C-Hall (I think)
Hall leading past library to D-Hall and C-Hall (I think)
Where did all the Seniors go?
Where did all the Seniors go?
Reunion Quiz
The gym floor had a knight's hand holding a sword painted at center court. There was a phrase in Latin on the sword. What did it say?

Hail to the Barons!
We shall overcome!
No Man is an Island
Victory to the Mighty
Reunion Poll
Name Your Favorite Movie from our years at Briarcliff

Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid- 1969
The Sound of Music- 1965
The Graduate- 1967
Oliver- 1968
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